Monday, July 13, 2009

Yes, yes, yes ...

Anyone wanting to know about baby items ... yes! We are becoming new parents pratically overnight, so we need everything. And, remember, Sara is expecting in early December, although she already swears the baby is going to come in November - she has a feeling (LOL). BTW, I felt the baby kick last night, it was amazing! We find out in one week (7/20) if it is a boy or a girl, although Sara swears it's a boy, another feeling, and everyone tells her it's a boy. I tell you, until Hayden, and now Hunter, I have always had little girls, and now that I've shopped for boys, I would so much rather have girls ... they are so much better to shop for! All the little darling, frilly outfits and bows and lace and ribbon ... SO MUCH BETTER! But I like little boys, too, they just don't make as much cutesy stuff for them, especially when they get around one or two.

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