Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another new layout ...

I created this using "Bath Time" kit by Mel Haines,; font Baby Cakes.
I stayed up last night to create this layout - I was in the creative mood - no matter how tired I was. The hardest part was cutting out Hayden from a pic of him in the bathtub, but I finally learned how to use the magnetic lasso and feather eraser tools in PhotoShop! It's hard to believe babies can be as cute as this, but every baby in my family has been absolutely beautiful ... and now I have another one on the way. I actually have several photos of Hunter on my telephone, I just need to figure out how to send them to my computer so I can get those on here! Less than a week I'll have more than enough photos of him tho (probably be difficult finding time to scrap them tho with a new baby (omg!!!)).


  1. Awww...How adorable! Btw, I'm sending a BUNCH of the clothes Ryan grew out of for Hunter. They're going to go in the package my mom is sending this weekend. Also, we're still using Ryan's stroller right now, but he's almost out of it. Do you want it AND the car seat that attaches to it when he no longer allows me to put him in the stroller?? SOOO much easier on the back than carrying him everywhere! Ryan already fights me on it now that he's walking. lol I'm sure Sara can use it too when her baby gets here. :-)

  2. This picture/layout is toooo cute!

    - Ashley