Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Addition to update ...

I just realized I did not post that DHS has set a hearing - it is Friday (good grief!!!) - so it looks like we may have to wait until the hearing to actually get custody of Hunter. Early Monday morning they said they didn't have probable cause to take him, and if Lindsey wasn't in the psych hospital then they would just give him back to her, but we would get him because she wasn't available, after they did the background checks and home study. Then Tracy told the policeman (she now claims that the policeman called her, but she told Kenny when she found out that they said they didn't have probable cause that she was going to call the investigator and tell him) and the policeman said he was calling DHS (she even said she gave him the name and number of the case worker), so then we go all day Monday not hearing another word, then Tuesday morning I call the case worker and the supervisor over the case, the case manager was severely rude to me and said "I'll call when I find out something," very, very rude like - and then late in the afternoon around 4 p.m. our attorney called and told us the hearing had been set. One can only assume because of the police investigation they decided to keep him and be rude to us again.

Now, I realize that these DHS workers deal with the real scum of the earth all day every day, but really they should give people the benefit of the doubt first, then change their opinions after they know different. I guess they harden themselves after so long - I suppose I would after seeing what they see day after day. Could you imagine?

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