Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update ...

(Be sure to read earlier posts to find out more information - I update often on the issue regarding Hunter.)

Late last night Ashley called me to tell me a girl she knows from Otter Creek Church knows the couple that has Hunter, and she said you couldn't ask for a better family. Whew! Except this couple cannot have babies and they were hoping to keep Hunter - I feel sorry for them. It must be really hard to be foster parents when you cannot have children and see the things people put these poor children through only to have to constantly give them back into the negative situation - but really they should know that just because all parents cannot/will not take proper care of their children that the children will not have a home. Where there are parents usually there are grandparents, and there are more grandparents raising their grandchildren now than ever before. Still, my heart does go out to these people, and we should keep them in our prayers, and all of the children going through this situation. You go through life every day worrying about every little thing going on in your own life not even thinking about other people, especially children, and what they may be going through. Having been a child in the negative atmosphere I know these children need people to think about them, care for them, speak for them, listen to them - their cries and their pleas for help. This is certainly making me think a lot about the children and what can I do to help them.

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