Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update real quick ...

The lady doing the home study will be here any minute, so if I don't finish the post then you know she's here. When talking to her this morning, she said we should have went in and filled out the application so they could have the background checks done (remember, this is what we were told they were waiting on yesterday, the results of the background checks) - I told her the lady told me she could take the information over the phone and we were under the assumption that's what we were waiting on, the results of the checks and the home study. She said they obviously don't know what they're talking about because we have to do the applications in person so we can sign the authorization. Then she goes on about how we are going to have to take classes for six months in order to be approved as foster parents, and the way she was talking I thought something was strange. I explained to her that we were told for us to become foster parents was the only way we could get Hunter, she said, oh no, we could just do the basic home study and then get him a lot faster. She said they probably didn't want to do the paperwork so that's why they told us to do it this way!!! (Yes, I have a call-in to my lawyer, although I'm sure there's nothing we can do, maybe there's someone we can talk to and explain what we've been through and they'll decide to speed our case along because Hunter's been in foster care over a week now.)

Anyway, I don't know what's going to happen after today - I know they still have to do a background check on Jennifer after she gets home. Now Jennifer is ready to come home - she absolutely hates it there, but her dad is going to get pissed if she comes home early, especially before she gets to meet her grandmother. So she wants to meet her grandmother on Friday and then come home on Saturday. So that's another thing I have to deal with - talking to Jennifer's dad about getting her home. I don't see that it would be any problem with him - he's done nothing but ridicule her about everything and put her down and tease her about everything. I honestly love the fact that Jennifer has her own unique style and aura about her ... and he comes along and teases her about it - in front of family and friends. She doesn't need that. I want Jennifer to stay the exact way she is - because she is Jennifer, I love her just the way she is.

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