Monday, June 29, 2009

My sister, Phyllis, is in the hospital again. She has been in the hospital so many times I can't even count due to her condition, whatever that might be. They have diagnosed her with bipolar, and then with affective disociative (?) disorder (or something like that), and now they believe she may have had a psychotic break. She has been having severe hallucinations for the past week or so, and they had her on a combination of Cymbalta and Neurontin, which I took at one time for about four days and I started having hallucinations so I quit taking the medications. So I told Phyllis I believe it is those particular medications, so she cut way back on them for a day, because the dose she was taking and the length of time she had been taking them you cannot just stop taking them, and she actually said she felt a little better, but the next day she thought the Rapture had taken place and she had been left behind. She was convinced of it. Wow, can you imagine how scared she was? That has gotten me to think about when the Rapture really does take place. Am I ready? Are my children ready? I certainly do not want to be left behind. The Bible gives us a detailing of all events that will take place before Jesus returns ... and everything has happened to pave the way for His return with the exception of the Anti-Christ, but do we even know that the Anti-Christ hasn't surfaced his ugly face yet? It could, it WILL, happen at any moment, when we least expect it. We've been told our entire lives, our parents have been told their entire lives, and their parents, and their parents, and so on, to get ready ... the urgency is here - now - we need to get ready.

Back to Phyllis. I started to call her so many times yesterday, but I am so scared. Why? Because of what she might say? Or because of what I might hear? I know I have to call her - and it isn't like it's a duty, it's because she is my sister and she needs me.

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