Monday, June 29, 2009


We all know how much I absolutely love scrapbooking, but since my back surgery I have completed maybe two pages. I've started a lot of pages, and they sit there so long I lose interest and they get packed up for another day (I probably have 20 (at least) projects started but not finished). Recently I discovered digital scrapbooking - which is wonderful because there's NO mess. But let's face it. I have tons of paper scrapbooking supplies (I even have a scrapbook ROOM for goodness sakes) - and I have so much "treasures" saved from my daughters' lives along with photos, etc. that need to be put into an album and "memorialized" forever. I may not have much to leave my daughters when I pass, but I intend to at least have these memories. So I really and truly need to get my creative act together and start back up with my scrapbooking - but goodness, the scrapbook room (which doubles as a computer room (that only Jenni uses - can you only imagine the empty Mt. Dew cans in there???)) is destroyed and requires cleaning and all of my scrapbook supplies need to be organized AGAIN. Actually, this morning I ran across a website for someone that actually designs and creates scrapbook albums for other people - and I have heard of this before - and you would not believe how much they charge to create these! I'm actually thinking about creating a website for me to design them for people here in Arkansas, locally at first, and see what kind of response I get. It would be nice to be able to get a handle on my own memories first, however, before going off and organizing other people's lives! That would be something I would love doing though - and it's definitely worth further thought.

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