Thursday, August 18, 2011

Wow, no posts since early June!?

I knew I had been MIA for a little while, but definitely not almost 3 months!! It has been wild! I finally got my grandson into a day therapy program, and it took a while for him to adjust, but he has blossomed with his vocabulary in just weeks, and he ACTUALLY LISTENS ... it may take him a while, and a lot of insistence on my part, but he does actually hear me LOL. I am afraid more so each day that he has some form of autism, maybe not full autism, but a form of the disease (called Pervasive Developmental Disorder). He has all signs of it. But he really can be as sweet as sugar, and those are the times I try to remember when he is driving me completely bonkers. And at least now with him in the day therapy I have Monday through Friday during the day hours to myself (if you want to call running errands, doing laundry, cleaning house, cooking dinner, my many doctor appointments, etc. time to myself LOL) - but at least I do have the time to do those things! "Babymama" hasn't seen him in almost a month and a half, she has a new baby now, and we expected her to forget all about him when the new one came along, just as she did his big brother. Actually we are glad, because Hunter does not deal well with changes or any disruptions in his schedule, and every time he came home from her house he was a wild man, and completely withdrawn, and it would take several, and I do mean several, days to get him back to normal.

So, enough about my personal life ... I have something great by MDK Scraps, and FREEBIE cluster frame, coming up on Monday, so be watching out for that. I'm about to start scrapping another great kit by Sugar Pie Scraps, based on the Handy Manny series, and I'm excited about that. Hunter hasn't ever watched that program, so I'm glad the Sugar Pie girls introduced me to it and I now have the DVR set to record! (PLEASE ... anything but Toy Story! I am soooo tired of the Toy Story movies, it's the only thing Hunter has watched for the last 6 months, maybe even longer. And I'm not exaggerating a bit.) I'm excited to be back in the scrapping spirit!

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