Saturday, December 11, 2010

Girly Birthday Party by Kathy Winters Designs

So Kathy Winters has the absolute best kit for a girl's birthday party layout, called Girly Birthday Party. I absolutely love the unique elements - balloons, cupcakes, party hats, gifts, clowns, lots of ribbons, and much, much more. Check it out:

And here's what I did with it. I was so behind in scrapping Brae's birthday party a month ago, but I'm glad I waited because this is the perfect kit.

Journaling reads: (Top) "Brae’s first birthday party was so exciting! So many people love the little love bug and showed up to celebrate with her. Everyone signed a board and wrote a message to her for her to keep. She got a lot of new toys and clothes. Everyone absolutely loved her cupcake cake that was really, really good, and she thought she was in heaven eating it! Her daddy was away at boot camp, but I’m sure all of his thoughts were of her on this special day." (Bottom) "She helped unwrap the gifts, actually looked at the cards as if reading them, looked at each gift to see what they were, clapped at the sight of the cake and during the happy birthday song, and then ate all of her cupcake!"

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  1. Becky, cute pages! I have choosen you as our RAK winner so email me at for your $5 coupon to my store! Congrates!