Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wild About You!

I took on a few more CT'ing responsibilities, with a couple of gals that are madly creative - I took a chance a offered myself up to both of them, and they both took me up on my offer! I'm thrilled.

The first is What's all the scrap about? Cheryl is bright and bold in her designs, and obviously loves lots of papers ... just like me! Cheryl is also a fellow Arkansan. I met her a while back when I was CT at K-Joi Studios. I don't think she was designing then, she just created a LOT of layouts - like 10 a day or something. I was always amazed at how she could just crank them out. I also really enjoyed seeing her layouts because every one of them is family or kid oriented. This family does more things with their children than any family I've ever seen. I've always thought about asking her just how many times have they gone to Disneyland.

So the first kit I played with of hers is Wild About You, available at Enchanted Studio Scraps. This kit is definitely wild. It's bright and bold and wild. Below is a preview, along with a few layouts I did.

Thanks for looking, and everyone be sure to stop in and say hi to Cheryl of "What's all the scrap about?", one of Enchanted Studio Scraps' newest designers.

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