Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Oh my goodness ...

Have you ever seen anything so miserable as this? It's called hip dysplasia. The ball in the hip joint is loose, which will allow the hip to come out of socket - which is bad. It's called by the mother's hormones during pregnancy. So Hunter has to wear this contraption for 4 weeks at all times, only taking off for bathing, and he will go to have another ultrasound. If there is still looseness, he will have to wear it longer, until he has a normal ultrasound (except after a few more months ultrasounds will be useless because they won't be able to tell anything), at all times. If it's better, then he will have to wear it 4 to 8 more weeks only while he sleeps. If it doesn't get better, then he will have to wear a body cast, which will be horrific, and we do not want that - this thing is bad enough, a body cast would be so much worse. So this thing is really rough around the velcro tabs, so he has to wear socks or something all the way up his legs and onesies underneat. Diaper changes are a pain. He's had it since about 10 a.m. this morning and he screamed and cried and looked at me like he couldn't believe I wasn't going to make it all better for so long that he wore himself completely out and now has been asleep since 1:00 - that's 3 solid hours he's been asleep ... during the day. He NEVER takes long naps during the day because of his colic. Poor little guy ... I just can't stand it. No baby should have to endure the things he's had to endure in his not even 3 months of life. I'm sure he thinks this life really sucks. He didn't ask to be born ... he certainly didn't ask to be put through the things he has had to endure.
Tomorrow is the court day for the court to outline specifically what Lindsey has to do to get Hunter back. DHS told her getting him back is going to be the hardest thing she has ever done in her life, harder than anything most people can do ... and if she isn't going to do it then she doesn't even need to waste anyone's time - if they see that she isn't making definite progress then they will stop the process and begin planning for permanent placement - with me. The things I'm learning I am horrified at the thought that there might even be a chance for her to get him back, but I truly don't believe she has it in her - she has so much against her to start off with - no home, no car, no money, no driver's license ... the list is just too long to even attempt to give it all.
I will update after the court tomorrow.

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