Sunday, September 6, 2009

Court ...

I know, I know, I said I would update after court on Thursday, but it has been really wild around here with the new brace (he literally sobs because it is so uncomfortable, and I sob because he's so uncomfortable ... it's really, really sad). I'll tell you this. Lindsey lied, under oath, many, many times ... she got caught in one lie because I wrote a note and slipped it to the attorney ad litem (baby's attorney). The other lies I sent an email to the attorney ad litem the next day and told her everything - three pages of everything - from the lies told to the history of Lindsey's life. Lindsey came out of court thinking she was going to get her baby back in four months (January), even I came out of there thinking it's possible, but only because Lindsey and Rusty lied about so many things, important things, the most important one would be the stability of their relationship and home -- so I told Lindsey after she said "the judge said I could get him back in four months" that "yeah, Lindsey, after you lied under oath about absolutely everything - if you really think you should get him back then why would you think you have to lie about everything ... and do you really think that I'm NOT going to tell the attorneys for the baby and DHS that you lied about things and tell them the truth????" She started bawling and doing her usual oh-whoas-me act so we hung up on her - after telling her we are no longer her parents, we are the foster parents to this child and she cannot call us anymore. It was a very stressful day. Very. All this on the first full day of wearing the brace. Which, by the way, condition causing the use of the brace is caused by the hormones produced in the mother during pregnancy - and none of the actual risk factors are applicable in this case - so what do you think happened? Could it be the use of crack during pregnancy???? I just want to shoot people that use drugs during pregnancy. She has made this poor baby's life miserable thus far - babies are supposed to be happy, all he knows is pain. At least now he has Grammy's love.

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