Friday, September 18, 2009


Yesterday Hunter had his 3-month check-up and immunizations. Needless to say, last night was a sleepless one, as he was running a high fever and extremely fussy -- we are kind of used to fussy now - in fact, we now call him the Gus Man (fussy + gassy). His colic is much better - about four or five days ago I decided to experiment by sterilizing his water, after all, when my children were small it wasn't even heard of to not sterilizing the water and the bottles and everything -- it was just done, no questions asked. Almost immediately we saw an improvement, and on the second day I had cut his Gripe Water and Mylecon consumption in half. He still has gas spells, but he doesn't scream in pain, not even a little, much less for hours at a time.

The judge told Linz she is to go to all of the doctor appointments, but she didn't show up, she claimed DHS didn't "get her a ride there" when the DHS case worker specifically told her that DHS is not responsible for getting her to and from the doctor appointments. They already pick her up for all the visitations and court dates, which is freaking ridiculous. I really and truly resent people that abuse the "system" for everything they can get just because they don't want to get off their butts and do it for themselves. There's plenty of people out there that NEED the system, and those that ABUSE the system hurts the people that really deserve and need it. I truly believe that she keeps having babies as a meal ticket, and her first two have been taken away, so guess what, she thinks she's pregnant again, three months after the last one. Some people should be shot I suppose. OK, sorry, I'm ranting. My focus is on this baby and doing whatever I have to protect him -- oh, did I mention both the mommy and daddy failed the drug test yesterday?

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