Thursday, September 24, 2009

Did you hear about ...

The 19.2 Pound Baby??? This is from the news article on my Yahoo account:

19.2 Pound Bundle of Joyby Mike Krumboltz
5 hours ago
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Attention moms! Can we have your attention please? To everyone who likes to brag about giving birth to 8, 9, even 10-lb. babies, we advise you keep quiet around Ani from Indonesia. The woman recently delivered a 19.2-lb. bruiser, the heaviest newborn ever recorded in the country.
Ani's epic delivery scored a lot of attention in the Search box. After the "Today" show ran a segment and Al Roker and Matt Lauer made some lighthearted jokes, lookups on "19 pound baby," "indonesian baby," and "heaviest baby ever" all spiked immediately.
And pictures? Oh my, the baby's pictures were also hugely popular. Queries for "19 pound baby photos" jumped from nil into the thousands, and photos within Yahoo! News are drawing big clicks. Not surprisingly, the baby is said to require "near constant feeding."
For those wondering if this baby boy (as of yet unnamed, but we suggest "Hulk") is the heaviest newborn in history, the answer is no. The record belongs to an American infant born in 1879. He weighed 23 pounds, 12 ounces. Sadly, he died a few hours after being born. An ABC station reports that the heaviest baby to survive weighed 22 lbs., 8 ounces. We sure hope the big guy was always extra-nice to his mother.

All I can say is ... OMG

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