Saturday, August 1, 2009

Well ...

I have really neglected my blog lately, but not just my blog, I haven't had time for anything except Hunter. I've taken him to the doctor twice because of the "colic" because I just cannot believe that screaming non-stop for 18 hours is something they "can't do anything about." Most days Hunter doesn't sleep more than an hour COMBINED all day - everytime he gets good and asleep he wakes up screaming and doubled in pain. Poor little guy has dark circles under his eyes ... and he's not even 7 weeks old!! They say there's nothing that can be done though, but I still think there has to be something. If anything give the poor little feller some kind of sleepy medicine to help him sleep at least through the night! But they say since he is "thriving" (he has gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks) then he is doing fine. I just don't really know how much more I can bear seeing him in such agony. I did have a good talk with the doctor yesterday when I took him, though, and explained to her how his life has been and I'm sure he's stressed out, which could be contributing to his stomach problems. She said that I am doing an awesome job with him! He has a "social smile" when I'm talking to him - and she said that is rare at 6 weeks, usually at least 2 months before that happens. He also focuses on me and follows (tracks) my movement. He does love his Grandma! Of course, I'm sure it's cause I love him so darned much.

I know that Jennifer and Sara are jealous of Hunter - Jennifer of course because she's my only child still at home, and she is used to having me all to herself - and Sara because she is expecting her first child and she wants to see excitement in me over her child instead of this child ... but I promise I will still have enough love left for Brae. The doctor said 6 weeks is the peak of the intensity of colic, so he will start feeling better gradually, and then it goes away usually between 4 to 6 months. Hopefully it will be gone by the time Brae gets here.

OK, I wanted to give a little update on the baby's happenings, but now I need to sleep while Hunter is ... no telling when he will be up again, and I've had duty the past three nights - last night I took over for Kenny because the baby was having a lot of pain, and I know how to handle it better, and tonight we have Hayden also, so Kenny sleeps with him. I will probably sleep all day tomorrow after Hayden goes home.

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