Monday, August 3, 2009

Better Days?

Hunter has actually been better the past two days ... yesterday he still had moments, quite a few of them at that, but nothing at all like the hours and hours of non-stop screaming like before; and today he only cried, with a few screams here and there, for about an hour this morning, and then a few times this afternoon he spazzed out until he passed some gas - but I can actually say the past two days have been amazing compared to the last two weeks! And I can now say that he's a happy baby, although he still has moments where he appears to be scared and his "startle" reflex is highly exaggerated - but with his first three weeks of life being what they were, I am not surprised.

I have taken over the night shift though, because I am good at getting his bottle ready and diaper changed and him fed without him waking up entirely, so he goes back to sleep, so Hunter's sleeping is pretty much an all-nighter - when Kenny does the night time feedings he lays there and tries to get Hunter to go back to sleep, and Hunter ends up waking all the way up because he's freaking hungry and needs a diaper, but I can't seem to get Kenny to listen to me. At the first sound, get up and make the bottle and go ahead and feed him - he's not even 2 months old, he drinks freaking 4 oz. of formula and that's it, no real food - you try to go more than four hours with nothing in your belly!!! Kenny doesn't have any patience either. We finally got a basinette (thank you Miss Ashley!!) so me and Kenny finally got to sleep in the same bed again last night, so I thought it would help if I could tell him he needs to make the bottle in the middle of the night, etc. ... but I ended up getting up at 3:00 a.m. and the baby was wide awake by then.

And today Hunter has actually slept a LOT ... I guess he's making up for all the days he spent the entire day in pain ... so I'm afraid he's not going to sleep at all tonight. Baby may have to take a dose of Grandpa's impatience tonight ... because Grandma is running on empty.

Heehee Grandpa has a stinky poo now ... guess I need to go supervise.

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