Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Well, maybe not ...

I dropped Jenni off to get her hair done and drove on to where I get mine done (a difference in LOTS of money). I get to my appointment 5 minutes early and she apparently had just started someone else's (have I mentioned that I am menopausal?). So I sit down in the extremely uncomfortable chair with my brand new book of Sudoko puzzles, thinking fine, I don't mine doing a few puzzles, surely she's just doing a trim knowing she has another appointment in 5 minutes. 4 o'clock comes up, and I'm working on my second puzzles (easy's are always first). OK, she's chopping away, but I'll give her a few minutes, after all, surely she knows she has another appointment, she did acknowledge me when I walked in after all. 4:10 and I am getting extremely antsy ... after all, I did have an appointment. The radio is blaring and a severe weather bulletin breaks in, of course, it's right over our head, severe thunderstorm warning. I look outside and it is completely black to one way, but clear the other way. I look at my hairdresser and she looks at me, I know she senses my displeasure by the look on my face. 4:15 and she's is actually styling this idiot without an appointment's hair with the dryer on low so they can hear each other yee-yaw back and forth about each other's stupid lives, as if my life is unimportant. Have I mentioned I am menopausal? Well, I stormed out, forgetting about the thunderstorm warning, thinking I'll just go shopping at Wal-Mart until Jenni is done, after all, I do need to pick up a few things, and Jenni is getting a two-color die job AND a totally new style (see photo from yesterday - will take an actual photo of her soon and post). I get to Wal-Mart and it is like there is no bottom to the sky, it is raining so hard I can't even see out my windshield, so I sit in my car for about 15 minutes waiting for it to stop. OK, it stops, or at least slows enough to not get soaked (for some reason my umbrella is not in my car where it's supposed to be), so I start in. Now we all know how far away we have to park to walk into Wal-Mart. Halfway there, another gully-washer appears, and by the time I hit the doors, I am so soaked you can literally see my bra and undies, so of course I can't walk through Wal-Mart like that. So I walk back to my car, no sense running, I cannot possibly get any wetter, and drive to Jenni's hair place and sit for another hour working Sudoko puzzles. Good thing I like Sudoko.


  1. Okay, you don't have to be menopausal for that right there to really tick you off! I would be fuming!

    - Ashley

  2. The bad thing is the girl didn't even to call to apologize! She knows who I am, and knows my phone number, and KNOWS I had an appointment that I sat and waiting for ... so she must assume that because doctors and lawyers can get away with it then hair stylists can too (boy, is she sadly mistaken).