Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hair cuts today

OK I promise I will never get my hair chopped off like I did before ... well, maybe. You know I have ALWAYS had long hair, except in first grade when I got gum stuck in it so mom cut it off like boy hair - a freakin' bowl cut to boot. Then last year when I had my surgery I just went and chopped it all off - because everytime I get anesthesia it just kills my hair, so I decided to be smart and solve that problem before the surgery, plus I wouldn't have to fix it (yeah, right, that obviously didn't work out the way I planned). While I would absolutely love to have long hair again, where I could just throw it up if I didn't want to mess with it - I am in menopause full-freakin-force right now, and I sweat at a moment's notice. I will be just sitting here not even moving and sweat will drip off my nose, in a 68 degree house. Now if I am moving, sweat is poring down my back, between my breasts, under my breasts, down my legs ... every part of me will be soaked ... and it's disgusting. I take two or three cold showers a day, and am sweating when I get out. I change my clothes and bra a zillion times a day. I have to wash 2 or 3 loads of clothes a day. So anyway, back to getting my hair cut ... hopefully I can get my hair thinned out without getting the actual length cut off. I imagine I will have to get a zillion layers, but my head and hair really feels nasty when I am sweating ... the feel of sweat rolling down your scalp under your hair is really horrible - not to mention my naturally curly (frizzy) hair automatically poofs at the first sign of moisture. It's too short to put in a ponytail, and I just cannot wait til it is.

Now Jenni, is another story. She wants to get her hair cut to a "scene" style. It's actually an "emo" style - because the website she found it on says so. She will argue with me though. It's called a "mullet." Yeah, remember the 80's???? Here it is - (hold on to your hats; don't let anything under your jaw)
So I suppose the next time you see Jenni this is how her hair will be. Oh wait, her hair changes weekly, at least, so maybe not. Actually, as I told her, if she gets her hair cut this way, there's really not much that can be done to fix it if she doesn't like it. But she never listens to her mother. So maybe one day she'll learn - the other day I actually heard Sara say, "I always ask my mom because she always knows." About time someone learned that!

So our hair appointments are at 4:00 this afternoon and it's noon now. I am off to take my lovely afternoon nap. As soon as I fall asleep the phone will ring. Always does.


  1. Hey now! I learned WAY before Sara that you're always right! How many times do I call and ask for your opinion on something??? :-)

  2. Yeah you're right - you're older, so of course you learned earlier - I'll be soooo glad when Jenni stops treating me like I don't know anything.