Friday, July 10, 2009

Update on Hunter

We will be able to get custody of Hunter. It will be a "temporary" custody, of course, because the court's main concern is getting the mother and child reunited, if at all possible. But now Lindsey will have to follow a very strict "care plan" that is set out by DHS and the courts for 12 months, and meet each and every one of the guidelines she has to meet, and if she does what she's done for the last 1-1/2 years with Hayden, then the court will see that she's not even trying and will throw it out - terminating her parental rights giving complete custody over to us. But that is only if she doesn't do anything she is supposed to do. If she continues to try, then she'll be given a year to get him back. In the meantime, we will be given all the documentation necessary to get WIC and other assistance like Medicaid, etc. on him so we can care for him. A hearing is automatically set by DHS within five days, so sometime early next week will be the hearing. We laid down to take a nap when we got home and apparently the lawyer tried to call Kenny and his phone was on vibrate, the lawyer didn't try to call my phone which is so loud it would wake the next door neighbor, but he had information for us to contact DHS to talk to them but by the time we got the message DHS is closed, so guess we have to wait til Monday. Apparently they are going to deal with us a different way, but I don't know what, but it's "all different than what he explained to us" so this post may be moot - we may not have a hearing and can get custody of him after a home study, etc. Anyway, the lawyer also told us with the charge Lindsey got is a Class D Felony, which is the lowest felony, but its a felony and with it can come 1-5 years. She will always be on the child endangerment list also, which she already was on because she got arrested driving drunk with a child in the car a few years back - so that's 2 strikes. It's not looking good for her at all - we kept saying the only way she's going to learn is to die or go to jail - this may be her chance.

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