Wednesday, July 22, 2009


We found out Monday afternoon. Brealynn Presley (God forgive me if I misspelled the name, I know for a fact I will be corrected if I did). Sara so nicely left me a comment saying "you forgot to post that I'm having a girl ..." but if she even read the posts she would see that I haven't made any posts since then. My computer is in the hospital (again) and I'm on Kenny's - and with the baby it's difficult to find time to even breath. I am so tired it's not even funny.

I am soooo glad we are having another girl ... after two boys in a row I realize they just aren't as fun to dress up and make pretty. Baby girl clothes are sooooo much cuter. Actually, Sara and Josh went after the doctor appointment and each bought a set of clothes - Brey's first clothes (LOL). Josh picked out this adorable little onesie, but the pants that went with it was to freakin die for - they had rubber duckies all over them!!!! It was so cute. That boy has good taste. Sara picked out a whole set of onesies, the cutest one being a red and white polka dot one with a daisy on the front - you know, she said that was Josh's least favorite - OK so maybe he don't have the best taste. LOL.

Hunter is doing good - he is loving being spoiled! He coos at me and wants so badly to talk to me, but he's really good at fussing at me. He loves for me to put my face real close to his and whistle softly - he gets that quizzicle look with the head cocked to the side and just examines me trying to figure out where that noise is coming from.

We got a bed yesterday!! Yeah! Now Kenny has to put it together. I said "look, Hunter, you have a bed you won't use!!"

OK I must go feed the puppies now before Hunter starts running my day. Last night was Kenny's shift, so I actually got a little sleep - much, much needed sleep. Today I have to go to the DHS office and see about getting Hunter's WIC vouchers - there's got to be a way they can give them to us instead of Lindsey, since how we have her baby.

I now have pictures (lots of them actually) but who has time to upload???? I desperately need my computer back anyway. I'm losing out on so many freebies it's ridiculous.

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