Friday, June 26, 2009

This morning's schedule ...

OK so just in case anyone is actually reading my blog yet (I did, afterall, send an email last night), and my sister Trish (my Mobsters companion) is wondering why I haven't sent firstergy from all my accounts yet, nor returned it from all my accounts, I am taking Sara to apply for a job this morning because Josh has her car. Josh has been helping Kenny and Dean put a roof on the church (and from what I hear, they couldn't have done it without him!!) and they get there at first light (4:30 a.m. I think, so far I've managed to still be in bed every day at this time since they started) so they can leave when it gets too hot. Of course the last few days they haven't been able to leave before it gets too hot, because it starts off too hot, and yesterday I actually believe Kenny had a bit of heat exhaustion. Let's hope and pray he doesn't do that again!

So anyway, I will be back probably mid-morning, since I have to stop off at the grocery store for some basic necessities!! No Wal-Mart for me again this week though!!!


  1. Where's Sara going to apply at?


  2. Sara applied at the Benton Services Center or Health Services Center - whatever it's called this week lol, for CNA. Let's pray she gets it ... it's time for her and Josh to start the actual career path now that they are going to be mommy and daddy!