Friday, June 26, 2009

Sparkle layout posted last night

OK so it was really late (for me anyway - after 10:00 p.m. and I turn into a zombie) last night when I added the layout of Sara and Athena, and one of just Athena, walking on the beach, but I want to share with you what these photos mean to me and what I think about when I see them. First, of course, is how beautiful Athena and Sara both are, the ocean beside them doesn't even compare to their beauty, but it certainly makes the photos complete in beauty! Then I remember how Sara has always been with Athena, ever since she was born, there was always this "connection" and special bond between them. Sara sure loves her niece, and Athena sure loves her Aunt "Rara". And then I always think about when my niece, Shauna, was born, her being the first child amongst us three sisters -- and my older sister, Phyllis, had that same "connection" with Shauna, who was my eldest sister, Trish's, daughter. Phyllis didn't go anywhere without Shauna for so many years. Of course, over the years, and as babies turn into toddlers, and then children, and then the oh-so-dreaded teenagers, those connections always lose their specialness, but it makes me wonder if Shauna, and in the future Athena, somehow remembers those special times and still feels that connection.

Amazing what a photograph can do!

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  1. And it sucks that I really don't remember that either! Too young though. lol

    Yay for the new blog! I've been doing it for a LONG time now.

    It's kinda fun, and a lot easier to keep up with family! :-)