Friday, March 16, 2012

Artful Blends

OK, I've never been good with the "artsy" type, but this kit by Jill DZines just drew me in, probably with it's swirls and circles and squares and ... well, everything! Artful Blends 2 is a fun and "artsy" kit, with each page being completely unique, probably unlike any other scrap kits around. Meticulously crafted with attention to detail, these pieces will bring some fire and drama (and fun!) to your digiscrap layouts! (image linked)

I tried to find a photo that was as bright as the kit - I know I have a zillion - but I've been putting my photos into Picassa for a couple of years, at least, and I organized the by person, of course, but the only tags I thought to put on them were the basics - holidays, special events, pets, etc. So when going through the 4,000+ photos of Athena I found a few that were "possibles", and after a while I just went for one of the possibles. I've got to find a better system! So here it is, my now 10-year-old granddaughter looking so sweet sleeping when she was 6 ... I keep teasing her mom that the not-sweet-at-all teens are just around the corner!

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