Sunday, February 12, 2012

Many Moods

Everyone knows that not every picture is a bright smiling face, and although we love the bright smiling face ones, there's oh-so-many photos left to scrap showing the highs and lows of emotion. Connie Prince has hit the nail on the head with her In a Mood kit, with the most adorable little emoticons and grungy word strips. She also has a set of word art that coordinates with the kit.

One day Hunter comes along and says "I poo," and sure enough he was. We were so excited thinking gosh now we get to potty train him, forgetting all about his delays. I rushed right out and bought a cute little potty, and even let him play with my sea shells that is always a big fat "no" when he tries to touch them. I sat on the floor in front of him and let him play away with the shells, helping him line them up along the side of the tub, and just trying to keep him entertained until finally he would (assumingly) use the little potty and we could clap and praise him ... but after about 45 minutes I started getting the "many moods" of Hunter, some of them not so pleasant.

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