Monday, June 28, 2010

My darling Hunter playing with his choo-choo. He really began sitting down and playing, making noises and concentrating on what he's doing, around this time, around 9 or 10 months. It's just so fascinating watching a child grow and learn, it's been so long since my children were babies that I totally forgot everything. I think me being more "mature" (yeah, I'll go with that!) enables me to really see everything he does. I enjoy every bit of him - I could go without the tantrums, ear infections, teething, the months of colic, spitting, biting, dirty diapers, early mornings even on Saturdays, etc., but I so love having him. I am so afraid of what's going to happen if the court/DHS gives him back to his mommy, and I lie in bed at night crying thinking of how he's going to be raised and whether all of his needs will be met and if he'll be happy or sad, but right now I just love to enjoy him.

This layout is entirely using STI ( designers' products:
Papers: (also used to create circles, stars, various shapes)
White BG - Vicki's The Faraway Tree
Orange - Stacey's Brighter Days
Red - Stacey's Eat Your Veggies
Blue - Make Believe collab, Vicki's Over the Moon and Boys will be Boys
Green - Mel's Things That Go
Yellow - Bollywood collab
Star and Circle Scatters, ric rac, buttons, arrows - Mel's Things That Go
Train - Vicki's Toybox
Torn notebook border - Stacey's Brighter Days
Multi-color stitches - Mel's Smiles All Around

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