Monday, June 28, 2010

Joi of the Arts by Dragons Lair Designs

Now this mini-kit is absolutely beautiful with it's red and beige colors, swirls, doodles and other fantastic elements - perfect for just about anything you want to scrap, including formal events. Joi of the Arts mini by Dragons Lair Designs at K-Joi Studios was included in the collab in the shop, but the collab has retired and now her portion is available as a mini.

Oh, sweet, sweet Brae. I rarely get to spend any time at all with Brae, and am missing out on everything - except thank God Sara posts everything on Facebook and I can follow along there - seeing sweet pictures of all the faces she makes, videos of everything she does (I absolutely melt just at the sound of her voice) with commentaries by Sara, and just about every day, sometimes more than once, Sara will send me a picture by text that always brings a smile to my face, and a tear to my heart because I hate missing it all. But what I love, what really and truly melts my heart, is seeing my sweet Sara as a mother, loving her child with all her heart. She truly is a beautiful mother. There's nothing like seeing your child experience the love you have for a child.

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  1. hey becky! how you doing? loving the blinkie on your site, mwah! xxxx