Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vroom Vroom

Been a while since I've scrapped my first grandson, Hayden, who is going to turn 3 this year (August), and since the age of digital photography allows me to have thousands of wonderful photos of each grandchild, I'm never at a loss for the perfect photo. This is Hayden at 8 and 9 months (bottom, top respectively), the same age as Hunter is now. I love to compare my photos of Hayden against Hunter, who is just now 8-1/2 months, to see their likenesses and differences. I use Picasa for my photo organization, and it's amazing how the facial recognition feature is always trying to put each of them in the other's group. They certainly do look alike in a lot of ways!

Isn't this the cutest little kit? It's Vroom Vroom by Dee's Delightful Designs, and it's only $2.50 (name is linked to kit in store)! There is also a freebie add-on on Dee's blog. If you have a little boy then this kit and add on is a must have!
(Some items (stars, background circles, mats) created from the papers using the cookie cutter feature in PSE.)

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