Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Project 365?

I see a lot of Project 365's out there right now, everyone is all pumped up at the beginning of the year to start one - my problem is I so could not do a layout a day, so I really wanted to do a layout a week, but I believe a layout a month capturing the month in recap is going to be more fitting. Last year I did ... one month. LOL! There's so many moments with Hunter that I want to capture and I think oh, I'll remember them FOREVER, but let's face it - I'm not a spring chicken anymore. I forget what happened five minutes ago! I'll have to post soon for my friends and family about the court hearing last week, but honestly, I forget to do it when I have time. Maybe I'll put a sticky note on my IGoogle page (HA! That's proved useless too - I'll see it eventually, when I don't have time!).

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