Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Birthday Star by KatLen Kreations

This kit is perfect for scrapping all your children/grandchildren birthdays. I managed to get all of the photos (or the majority of them) from one birthday party on one 12x12 layout and still able to make it "pretty" because of the way she designed the kit to be perfect without all the fuss. I don't think I ever finished 2 layouts in one afternoon before and been so happy with the results - and I owe this to Kat!

OK, so you say, "what's it say???" Well, since you asked (LOL!) ...

Sara and Hayden - Hayden was so excited to have all of his family around just for him - he ran and gave Sara a great big hug, but it had to be quick, presents were waiting!

Hayden's Big Smile - What a fab smile! Hayden was so happy - he was literally beside himself!

Screwdriver? - Ashley showed Hayden how to put his hard hat on while he figured out what the electric screwdriver is - it's a toothbrush like MaMaws!

Athena and Kylie - Athena and her friend Kylie were awesome with Hayden - and he had so much fun playing with his new toys with his new friends!

The birthday hats - Athena helped Hayden with his birthday hat - that smile is priceless! Hayden was grinning from ear-to-ear all day - he loved being the center of attention for a day!

Mounting the tractor - Hayden could not wait to get on his tractor - with tongue out the side of the mouth in full concentration mode ... he had his very own tractor and by golly he was going to ride it!

Driving the tractor - Hayden was concentrating so intensely on maneuvering and operating his very own tractor ... it was by far the perfect gift!

Hayden is content - Hayden got everything he could hope for on his birthday, he sits on his tractor and has this look of "gee I'm so happy!"

Hunter's first party! - This was Hunter's first party, and even though it wasn't for him, he really liked watching Hayden so excited and playing with all of his new stuff!

Hayden's tool belt - Athena helped Hayden put on his tool belt, Hayden looked down at it like, "is it supposed to be worn around the knees?"

Both layouts uses Comic Sans as the font. You can grab this kit, along with pre-made brag book pages if you just want a quick way to show off some birthday photos, at www.kjoistudios.com. The kit can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/ykhgdtu

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