Sunday, September 13, 2009

Update ...

Last week began the new visitation schedule where the assumed "father" was to visit with Hunter at the same time Linz does - which is twice a week for two hours at the DHS office (Tuesday and Thursday from 11-1 - note that she visits with Hayden, her 2 year old son that lives with the other grandma (on weekdays, we have him on weekends) on the same days from 4-7). Well on the first one, Tuesday, I flat out told Linz, in front of the idiot Rusty, that as long as she's with him she will never get Hunter back, if he beats her when he gets mad then he'll beat Hunter - well, apparently he got offended (ya' think???) and said he's not coming to visitation anymore because it's not worth it (what???) - I guess he really thought he was going to slide through life beating a woman and no one saying anything about it. So Thursday me and the DHS lady spent two hours trying to convince Linz to get out of there, even if she has to go to a shelter, but she refused. So over the weekend guess what?? Yep - he got her good - broken ribs and all. Look on the bright side - bet she got good legal drugs! I hear she's living with the other dude again. Oh, and she hasn't had her period since she had Hunter, 3 months ago, so yeah, um, I'm pretty sure she is pregnant again. I swear she gets pregnant for a meal ticket - single mothers that are bums get a lot more benefits.

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