Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hunter update ...

We have had Hunter over six weeks now and YES I am getting very attached - actually, getting is incorrect, I already got. Of course, he thinks his grammy hung the moon too. The doctors all say he is doing good. His neurosurgeon has released him, stating there will be no long-term problems from the skull fracture. The opthamologist saw him last week because when they checked him at the time of his skull fracture it looked like the back of the eye may not be developing properly, and what they think they are going to be able to tell on a 2-1/2 month old baby I don't know, but they said the eyes "look fine" but they want to recheck them in 6-8 months. That was a doctor visit we could have done without - 2 doctors and at least 50 patients - 5 hours for an eye doctor visit - with a 2-1/2 month old (not to mention I have severe sleep deprivation so anytime I sit still for a few seconds I'm falling asleep). His 2 month check up , went well - basically all they did was make us wait for a few hours, come in and ask a few questions, weighed him, gave him shots, and sent us on our way. On one of our trips to the ER because of his stomach pains, a week before his 2 month appointment, the doctor told us he is ahead of schedule for "social" smile - and he is already cooing, gaga'ing and googoo'ing. In fact, he will carry on a full conversation with you. He follows you with his eyes. And day before yesterday he actually reached for and played with the toys on his playmat bar that hangs over him. I feel like he won't be brain-damaged from the drugs used during his pregnancy.

Now, for his colic. He actually has gotten a lot better since we started all the little "tricks" the doctor told us - the special bottles (that cost $10 a bottle), Gripe Water from Europe and the gas drops, stirring his formula rather than shaking it, making sure he burps no matter how long it takes, moving his legs like he's riding a bicycle, and more. He still has really bad stomach aches, but they certainly don't last for hours and hours and it's not 18 hours a day. However, he does not get to rest much because he wakes up with stomach aches. I've learned the "ache" cry and the "spoiled" cry (yes, he is spoiled, although I really am trying not to). I am the one that gets up with him at night/mornings because Kenny has absolutely NO patience - and I am seriously only getting about 3 hours of sleep a day, so I am definitely suffering from sleep deprivation. Kenny has been working or going to classes for the last three weeks, so he can't even helped during the day (of course Kenny is Kenny and he hasn't been helping with anything at all). My sisters keep griping at me telling me I can't do it all blah blah blah - well, no, really I can't, but right now I have no choice - this little feller has no one else so it's up to me.

In fact, I'm sitting here falling asleep right now.

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