Friday, June 26, 2009

Scruffy Feet?

As I've gotten older my feet have been the worst to show it - they are dry, cracked, callused - downright fugly. At WalMart the other day with Sara she showed me these booties that have some sort of gel/lotion built into them that you wear while you sleep. Now I was quite skeptical, after all, I have tried a wide variety of feet remedies to no avail, but Sara said they really work. They are supposedly good for 40 uses (I don't really know about wearing the same booties for 40 nights, but Sara pointed out to me that we do wear the same shoes more than that). OK, the very first night I wore these things my feet were amazingly soft the next morning - no visible cracks, they even felt refreshed, and they smelled good to boot. This is my third night with the 40 night booties, let's see how well they work in the long run! Unfortunately, they do feel a little weird when you first put them on, they feel kind of wet, but they aren't, and I get used to them in a little while. In the morning they are a little hard to get off too. If you have scruffy feet, and I know my sisters have to cause they are older than me (ha!), I recommend them. They are about $8 in the manicure/pedicure aisle at Wally World.

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